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Affenpinscher - The Monkey Dog

Affenpinscher - The Monkey Dog
 by: Tim Shank
The Affenpinscher is a small 7 to 8 pound dog that usually does not exceed around 10 inches in height. The Affenpinscher has bushy eyebrows and shaggy hair and most often is considered looks somewhat like a monkey. Although this certainly is a dog, you might consider that sometimes it is a monkey by the way that it acts.
Affenpinscher's look like terriers but they're actually part of the pinscher-schnauzer subgroup. The common color of an often answer is black, although the AKC will allow them to be other colors such as gray, silver, and a combination of black and tan but Black is always preferred.
Are that they are very playful and lightly they get along generally speaking with other dogs and pads that they can become excitable around small children so they're not necessarily recommended as a family pet in that way at time off and pictures can be territorial when it comes to their food so you might want to take this into consideration as well that being said often pinscher certainly can be a fun pet to own and can provide hours of entertainment
The breed can date itself back to the 17th century and the European origin in fact its name is a combination between the German word for monkey and terrier. Originally the breed was a little bit larger than it is now standing about 12 to 13 inches in height but it had similar colors. Its original purpose was as a router working very hard to to remove rodents from places such as kitchens and staples.

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